Writtle is a UK-centred marketing services group with an international client base.

Design and technology are at the heart of all our businesses, grouped under Innovation, Implementation and Instore to describe better their principal focus.

Writtle’s model continues to be based on equity involvement and decentralised growth. Whether a group company was a start-up or acquired, Writtle will typically hold a majority shareholding alongside management which creates a motivational structure with interests aligned.

Writtle looks for businesses in the media and marketing communications sector which can demonstrate potential for further growth either organically or by acquisition, and where Writtle can add value through its experience or by funding further expansion.

Growth opportunities are typically identified by operating company management rather than by the centre. However, when larger opportunities have been identified, as with the acquisition of Loewy Group, we have integrated the individual companies into Writtle by reducing the central head office and marketing function and instead promoted the individual company brands.

Alongside this decentralised approach comes a re-incentivisation package for operational management through the opportunity to purchase equity on favourable terms in their companies, and participation in share option schemes in Writtle. This creates a lean head office structure as well as considerable incentives for management in their individual companies and the group as a whole.